López dominated Granadino and defended her crown

World Boxing Organization (WBO) world flyweight champion, unbeaten star Anahí “La Indiecita” López, dominated Argentinian junior flyweight champion, previously undefeated Ayelén “Piru” Granadino, by unanimous decision after ten rounds, and defended for the first time her crown, at the main event of an exciting boxing night on Saturday, December 19th, at the Club Atlético, Social y Deportivo Camioneros, in Luis Guillón, Buenos Aires, Argentina, promoted by Argentina Boxing Promotions, of Mario Margossian.

In the co main event of the evening, Argentinian lightweight champion, Yamila Abellaneda, dominated Karen Alaniz, by unanimous decision after ten rounds, and defended for the first time her belt.

This was the fifth event of the awaited return of boxing on Argentinian soil since the irruption of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, and was be in charge of the same company that promoted the first four shows of the return, on October 30th and November 13th and 28th, in Luis Guillón, and December 11th in Garín, Buenos Aires, as well as the last boxing show in the country pre pandemic, on March 13th in Buenos Aires. It was another show behind closed doors for the public, with the strictest security controls following the health protocols issued by national and municipal health authorities, as well as the Argentinian Boxing Federation.

In a highly competitive fight, López, 25 years old, from Junín, Buenos Aies, former Argentinian and South American flyweight champion, had to show part of her vast skills to defeat the tough Granadino, 22, from Mar del Plata, but based in Claypole, Buenos Aires, current # 11 of the World Boxing Association (WBA) junior flyweight world ranking. Against a challenger who always kept going forward, the champion made perfect use of her talented movements, the precision of her impacts and her speedy footwork. Always dominating, López counterpunched with her clean left jabs and a right crosses that landed sharp on the head of her opponent. With persistance, Granadino managed to get into the short distance and connected her right cross to the cheeks, but López responded with continuos left and right crosses and uppercuts to the jaw. Althought the challenger kept on going, she was never able to put the title in risk. In the seventh round, López was deducted one point by incorrect use of her head by the referee Gustavo Tomas. Nevertheless, she was the one in control. As rounds went by, “La Indiecita” extended the differences, following her game plan perfectly and outboxing her rival. Although “Piru” tried until the end, she couldn’t find the clarity to change the of a result that was already sentenced.

The scorecard expressed the difference shown on the ring, as they were announced: Jorge Gorini 95-94, Alejandro Bokser 98-91, and Jesuan Letizia 96-94, all for López.

With this result, López, who weighed 110.8 lbs., who after defeating every opponent including Colombian Luna Torroba, countrywomen Alejandra Ríos, Débora Gómez -twice-, and Natalia Alderete, defended for the first time the title she conquered on December 20th, 2019, when she dominated Venezuelan Niorkis Carreño by a wide unanimous decision at this same venue, and moves on to 17 victories (1 KO) and 1 draw. Granadino, 108.6 lbs., who after beating countrywomen Tamara Demarco and Anyelén Espinosa, on September 7th, 2019, defeated again Demarco by majority decision and obtained the Argentinian junior flyweight title in Lanús, Buenos Aires, remains in 5 victories, 1 loss and 2 draws.

In the co main event, Argentinian lightweight champion, Yamila Abellaneda (133.4 lbs. and 11-4, 3 KOs), dominated Karen Alaniz (131.3 lbs. and 5-4-1, 1 KO), by unanimous decision after ten rounds, and defended for the first time her belt.

The scorecard were: Edgardo Codutti 97-93, Javier Geido 96½-94, and Hugo Vainesman 97-93.

Abellaneda, 26, from Pocitos, San Juan, based in Buenos Aires, controlled most of the fight and outboxed Alaniz, 27, from Godoy Cruz, Mendoza, to defend for the first time the title she conquered on February 21st, when she dominated Pamela Benavidez by a wide unanimous decision in Buenos Aires.

Beyond the main fights, a heated card completed the night. Undefeated prospect Emmanuel “GES” Schramm (147 lbs. and 8-0-1, 5 KOs), from Moreno, Buenos Aires, defeated Mariano Maidana (144.6 lbs. and 5-3-3-1 nc, 1 KO), from Córdoba, by unanimous decision after six rounds. The scorecard were: Jorge Gorini 59½-55½, Jesuan Letizia 57-55, and Edgardo Codutti 57-56.

In another attraction of the evening, in super featherweight division, heavy puncher Damián “Chiva” Rojas (132.2 lbs. and 13-2, 10 KOs), from Cutral Có, Neuquén, dominated César “Pachorra” Pérez (133.8 lbs. and 5-17-4), from Claypole, Buenos Aires, by unanimous decision after six rounds. The scorecard were: Jesuan Letizia 58-56, Javier Geido 58½-56, and Alejandro Bokser 59-56.

Also, in heavyweight division, former Argentinian and Latino heavyweight champion Pablo “Pokemón” Farías (211.9 lbs. and 31-5, 17 KOs), from Junín, Buenos Aires, defeated Esteban “Oso” López (249.1 lbs.  and 7-9-1, 1 KO), from Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos, by unanimous decision after six rounds. The scorecard were: Jesuan Letizia 59-55, Jorge Gorini 60-54, and Hugo Vainesman 58-56.

In super bantamweight division, Maximiliano Maidana (120.7 lbs. and 5-0, 2 KOs), from Buenos Aires, defeated Nicolás Capdevila (118.1 lbs. and 2-10), from Buenos Aires, by unanimous decision after six rounds, and after Capdevila received a standing count in the third chapter. The scorecard were: Edgardo Codutti 60-53, Javier Geido 60-52, and Jesuan Letizia 60-54.

In flyweight division, Nicolás “Demonio” Muguruza (110.7 lbs. and 5-0, 1 KO), from Bragado, Buenos Aires, crushed debutant Alejandro “Cuero” Mario (109.5 lbs. and 0-1), from Junín, by a strong technical knockout in the first round.

Finally, in welterweight division, Facundo “El Bombardero” Gómez (140.7 lbs. and 3-1), from Buenos Aires, beat Cristian “Fuji” Moris (140.2 lbs. and 3-4-1, 1 KO), from Junín, Buenos Aires, by unanimous decision after four rounds. The scorecard were: Hugo Vainesman 39-37, Javier Geido 39½-37, and Alejandro Bokser 40-36.