Daneff dominated Gerbaldo, Andino outboxed Tejada

World Boxing Council (WBC) Latino lightweight champion, Argentinian rising prospect Claudio “Chaíto” Daneff, dominated tall countryman Agustín Gerbaldo Kucharski, by unanimous decision after ten rounds, and conquered the vacant WBC Latino super lightweight title, at the main event of an exciting boxing night last Saturday, November 28th, at the Club Atlético, Social y Deportivo Camioneros, in Luis Guillón, Buenos Aires, Argentina, promoted by Argentina Boxing Promotions, of Mario Margossian.

In the co main event, highly rated Argentinian prospect Nicolás “El Elegante” Andino dominated previously undefeated Andrés “Canelito” Tejada, by a wide unanimous decision after eight rounds.

This was the third event of the awaited return of boxing on Argentinian soil since the irruption of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, and was in charge of the same company that promoted the first two shows of the return, on October 30th and November 13th, at the same venue, as well as the last boxing show in the country pre pandemic, on March 13th in Buenos Aires. It was another show behind closed doors for the public, with the strictest security controls following the health protocols issued by national and municipal health authorities, as well as the Argentinian Boxing Federation.

In an action packed fight, Daneff, 24 years old, from Cañuelas, Buenos Aires, #3 of the Argentinean lightweight ranking, who went up to the following weight division had to deal for the first time in his career with a much taller opponent. Always taking the iniciative, Daneff connected with precision against Gerbaldo Kucharski, 23, from Córdoba, #10 of the Argentinean super lightweight ranking, who has an amazing height of 6′ 1″, who showed a great heart but ended widely defeated. Taking the centre of the ring, “Chaíto” combinated his sharp jabs to shorten the distance, followerd by left crosses and uppercuts to the chin. Although Gerbaldo Kucharski also tried to go forward and used his long reach to connect to the upper side, Daneff was always in control due to his highly known skills, his ring control, a correct footwork and his constant strong barrages in way of crosses and uppecuts, but also adding powerful hooks to the body, that made his opponent lose mobility. As rounds went by, differences grew huge. Showing intelligence and maturity, “Chaíto” went after him and unleashed strong combinations to the body and the face of a brave opponent, who ended visibly hurt, to secure a wide and well diserved victory, as well as a new belt.

The scorecard expressed the difference shown on the ring, as they were announced: Alejandro Bokser 98-92, Jorge Gorini 97-93, and Javier Geido 98-92.

With this result, Daneff, who weighed 138.4 lbs., who defeated almost every opponent only losing in a close decision to Nicolás Andino, including Brian Laguna -twice-, Pablo Monzón and Diego Tejerina, on June 28th, 2019, dominated Miguel Antín by a wide unanimous decision and conquered his WBC Latino lightweight title, and came after destroying Leonardo Ortega in less than one round on January 11th in Mar del Plata, moves on to 11 victories (7 KOs), 1 loss and 1 draw. Gerbaldo Kucharski, 138.2 lbs., who defeated Leonardo Ortega and Nicolás Herrera, only losing as a visitor to Sergio Rosalez, and after a draw with Hugo Roldán arrived from January 18th defeating Michel Cabral by unanimous decision, remains in 6 victories (1 KO), 2 defeats, 1 draw and 1 no contest.

In the co main event, highly rated Argentinian prospect Nicolás “El Elegante” Andino (146.4 lbs. and 14-1, 2 KOs) dominated previously undefeated Andrés “Canelito” Tejada (146.4 lbs. and 8-1-2, 2 KOs), by a wide unanimous decision after eight rounds, and after Tejada was deducted one point in the fourth by the referee Víctor Sánchez.

The scorecard were: Javier Geido 80-72½, Jorge Gorini 79-75, and Alejandro Bokser 79½-72.

Andino, 25 years old, from Florida, Buenos Aires, # 6 of the Argentinean junior welterweight ranking, dominated from bell to bell the brave Tejada, 26, from Puerto Madryn, Chubut, but based in Angaco, San Juan, who was unable to deal with him. With his speedy footwork, ring domination and his impact precision, “El Elegante” managed to find the best angles to connect his fast left jabs followed by right crosses hooks to the head. As rounds went by, the differences grew bigger. Even more in the fourth chapter, when after ilegal punches “Canelito” was deducted one point. In total control of the actions, Andino continued his work and earned a wide a diserved decision.

Beyond the main fights, a heated card completed the night. In lightweight division, Daniel “El Problema” Combi (134.4 lbs. and 7-3, 1 KO), from La Matanza, Buenos Aires, defeated Jesús “Chechu” Daneff (134.3 lbs. and 8-4-2, 3 KOs), from Cañuelas, Buenos Aires, by unanimous decision after six rounds. The scorecard were: Alejandro Bokser 58½-57, Javier Geido 58½-56, and Jorge Gorini 60-55.

Finally, in welterweight division, Sebastián Chaves (141.5 lbs. and 5-1, 2 KOs), from San Miguel, Buenos Aires, stopped previously undefeated Dorian “El Atrevido” Maidana (141.5 lbs. and 5-1, 3 KOs), from Villa Albertina, Buenos Aires, by a fast technichal knock out in the first round, after sending him twice down in less than thrity seconds.