Córdoba defeated Andino and got crowned in Buenos Aires

Daniel “El Zorrito” Córdoba defeated previously unbeaten Nicolás “El Elegante” Andino, by unanimous decision after ten rounds, and conquered the Argentinean super lightweight vacant title, at the main event of an exciting boxing night last Friday night at the Club Atlético Huracán, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, promoted by Argentina Boxing Promotions, of Mario Margossian.

In a very even clash, the tough Córdoba, 25 years old, from Tres Arroyos, Buenos Aires, # 5 of the Argentinean lightweight ranking, made good use of his vast experience to beat Andino, 24, from Villa Caraza, Buenos Aires, # 5 of the Argentinean junior welterweight ranking, who lost for the first time as a pro. In a very changeable fight, were they alternated the command, “El Elegante” made the best of him working from the mid and long distance and connecting his long jabs and crosses to a brave “Zorrito” que slowly got into the short distance and complicated him with his crosses and uppercuts to the head. After a first half of the bout with a slight advantage of the home fighter, the visitor took over in the last chapters. Even after the fifth round, when the referee Hernán Guajardo deducted one point from Córdoba for a rabbit punch, the tough slugger assumed a slight control of the rhythm due to his decision to go forward, and in a very even fight, was able to impact the most accurate punches. Therefore, after the ruling, there was only time for his coronation.

The scorecard expressed the difference shown on the ring, as they were announced: Javier Geido 95-94½, Carlos Azzinnaro 97-94½, and Jesuán Letizia 96½-93½, all for Córdoba.

With this result, Córdoba, who weighed 138 lbs., who had battled against some of the best in the country such us Hugo Santillán, Javier Herrera, Héctor Sarmiento, Javier Clavero and Dominacan Michel Rivera, and beat names like Martín Ruiz, Carlos Santana, Germán Benítez and Elías Haedo, and came after December 13th losing against Russian Vage Sarukhanyan on points in Moscow, Russia, moves on to 12 victories (2 KOs), 6 losses and 2 no contests. Andino, 139 lbs., who had defeated every opponent including Claudio Daneff, Antonio Santillán, Diego Tejerina, Jonathan Arena, Sebastián Chaves, Marcelo Mesa, and came after last January 17th dominating Julio Ruiz by unanimous decision in Mar del Plata, remains in 13 victories (2 KOs) and 1 defeat.

In the co main event, Yamila Abellaneda (134.3 lbs. and 9-4, 3 KOs), from Pocitos, San Juan, via Buenos Aires, dominated former Argentinean and World Boxing Association (WBA) World title challenger Pamela “Yarará” Benavidez (134.8 lbs. and 10-11-3, 2 KOs), from Resistencia, Chaco, by a wide unanimous decision after ten rounds, and conquered the Argentinean lightweight vacant title. The scorecard were: Javier Geido 99½-92, Jesuán Letizia 98-92, and Juan Carlos Palmieri 97-93.

Also, in an expected rematch in cruiserweight division, Federico “Pumba” Grandone (199.6 lbs. and 5-0-1, 2 KOs), from Buenos Aires, defeated Gustavo “El Volcán” Schmitt (197 lbs. and 5-11-1, 1 KO), from Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires, by unanimous decision after six rounds, after last September 21st they battled to a split decision draw at this same venue. The scorecard were: Jesuán Letizia 60-53, Carlos Azzinnaro 58-56½, and Javier Geido 58½-56½.

In lightweight division, Jesús “Chechu” Daneff (134.7 lbs. and 8-3-2, 3 KOs), from Cañuelas, Buenos Aires, defeated Sergio “Coco” Quintana (136.5 lbs. and 3-4), from Florencio Varela, Buenos Aires, by unanimous decision after four rounds. The scorecard were: Carlos Azzinnaro 39-38½, Jesuán Letizia 39-37, and Juan Carlos Palmieri 39-37.

Finally, in welterweight division, Yoel “El Chacal” Peralta (146.8 lbs. and 4-1, 1 KO), from Del Viso, Buenos Aires, takes on Dante Arce (145.9 lbs. and 0-1-1), from Merlo, Buenos Aires, by majority decision after four rounds. The scorecard were: Juan Carlos Palmieri 38½-38½, Javier Geido 39-37½, and Carlos Azzinnaro 39-37½.